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Application of Graphene Electrode in Gallium Nitride Based Optoelectronic Devices

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Graphene exhibits great application potential in nanoelectronics, energy, chemistry and biomedical fields due to its excellent properties such as high transparency, high electrical conductivity, high mobility, high thermal conductivity and high mechanical strength. Graphene will become the core material of the next generation of light-emitting elements, touch panels, solar cells, high-speed transistors and other devices.
GaN has features such as wide bandgap, high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and radiation resistance, etc making it an important material for the fabrication of various high-brightness blue, green-light diodes and lasers.
Introducing a relatively good intercalation material with GaN between graphene and GaN can also achieve the purpose of improving contact and reducing the working voltage. The work function of the material should generally be between graphene and GaN. The flow injection acts as a step.
The optical properties of graphene are very good. Generally speaking, the transparency of graphene within 5 layers is still at least 80% even considering factors such as doping and defects, which can meet the basic requirements of LED. It is especially necessary to emphasize the wide range of graphene. Spectral transparency, since one of the main application areas of GaN devices is the short wavelength band, graphene has great advantages over ITO at this point.
Graphene can carry large currents, and there is no electromigration during long-term use, so its breakdown is likely to occur at its interface with GaN. Here it highlights the importance of improving interface electrical contact, while direct deposition Graphene is one of the promising solutions.

Molybdenum boride powder MoB2 CAS 12006-99-4
Bio-magnetic beads, Sulfydryl modified
Coated with abrasive coating slurry

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