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Investigation On Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

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Aluminum nitride is a new type of ceramic material with excellent comprehensive properties. It has excellent thermal conductivity, reliable electrical insulation, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, non-toxicity and thermal expansion coefficient matched with silicon. It is considered to be an ideal material for a new generation of high-concentration semiconductor substrates and electronic device packages, and has received extensive attention from researchers at home and abroad.
Aluminum nitride powder is a raw material for preparing aluminum nitride ceramics. Its purity, particle size, oxygen content and other impurity content have an important influence on the thermal conductivity of the prepared aluminum nitride ceramics and subsequent sintering and forming processes. It is generally believed that in order to obtain an aluminum nitride ceramic material having excellent performance, it is necessary to first prepare an aluminum nitride powder having high purity, fine particle size, narrow particle size distribution, and stable performance.
The sintering process of aluminum nitride ceramics is mainly for reaction sintering, normal pressure sintering and hot pressing, and some new sintering process methods such as plasma sintering and micro wave sintering process are also in the test.
There are many kinds of forming processes for aluminum nitride powders, traditional forming processes such as molding: hot pressing, isostatic pressing are applicable. Because of the high hydrophilicity of aluminum nitride powder, in order to reduce the oxidation of aluminum nitride, during the forming process, should try to avoid contact with water.
Due to its excellent thermal, electrical and mechanical properties, aluminum nitride ceramics have attracted extensive attention from researchers at home and abroad. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, higher requirements have been placed on the properties of materials used. It will also be more widely used in many fields.

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