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Preparation of Molybdenum Nitride Powder by High Energy Mechanization

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Molybdenum nitride has high melting point and hardness, good wear resistance and mechanical stability, excellent corrosion resistance and other characteristics. In addition, it also has electronic structure and catalytic characteristics similar to precious metals, as well as good capacitance characteristics and charge-discharge behavior, so it is widely used in machinery, aerospace, petrochemical and electronic and electrical fields.
Molybdenum nitride is a dark gray chemical whose chemical formula is MoN. Hard and refractory, does not decompose in water. Mechanistic method is a method that uses mechanical energy to induce chemical reactions and to induce changes in the structure, structure and properties of materials so as to prepare new materials or modify them.

In the process of mechanical chemical reaction, grain refinement and nitridation are carried out simultaneously. Because the grain refining process and the nitriding reaction process require a lot of energy, only one process factor can dominate in different time periods of ball milling. After 20 h, the nitriding reaction slowed down, while the refining uniformity gradually accelerated and gradually occupied a dominant position.
At the initial stage of ball milling, the size of molybdenum powder was relatively large, and the number of fresh atomic surfaces and defects generated by the impact was relatively small compared with the whole powder, so the number of metal molybdenum atoms that could adsorb ammonia for nitriding reaction was also small, and the percentage of nitride phase generated was quite low. As the ball grinding process continues, the powder particle size is further refined, and more and more molybdenum nitride is generated. At the same time, the crystal structure of molybdenum nitride is gradually formed with the energy provided by the impact.

Molybdenum boride powder MoB2 CAS 12006-99-4
Bio-magnetic beads, Sulfydryl modified
Coated with abrasive coating slurry

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