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Review on Preparation of Magnesium Nitride by Air Flow Method

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The main methods for preparing magnesium nitride are magnesium powder directly reacted with nitrogen, magnesium in nitrogen plasma stream with nitrogen, magnesium coil explosion under nitrogen atmosphere, low pressure chemical vapor deposition method, self-propagating high temperature synthesis method, nanometer Magnesium nitride synthesis method, etc.
Although magnesium powder has industrial value directly reacted with nitrogen, the production of magnesium nitride powder requires a higher reaction temperature and a longer reaction time, and the shape of the particles is incomplete and easily agglomerated, failing to meet industrial quality requirements.
At present, magnesium and nitrogen are often used in the industry to prepare magnesium nitride powder, but the purity of magnesium nitride needs to be improved. Since NH3 is more easily decomposed than N2 to N- with a broken bond, and the decomposed H2 may inhibit the formation of MgO.
At 750 °C, the temperature is lower than the melting point of magnesium nitride, and the magnesium nitride particles formed on the surface layer are deposited on the magnesium powder, which seriously affects the diffusion of N-, thereby affecting the progress of nitriding, while the surface layer of magnesium nitride is Oxidation, some of the internal magnesium powder is not nitrided. From the experimental results, it is appropriate to select the nitriding temperature at 800 °C.
Thermodynamic analysis shows that liquid ammonia is easier to react with magnesium powder than nitrogen to prepare magnesium nitride; it is kept at 600 °C for 1 h in ammonia atmosphere, then heated to 800 °C, ammonia flow rate is 500 ml/min, and nitriding time is 1 h, high-quality magnesium nitride powder with high purity and uniform powder particles can be prepared.

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