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Study On The Application Of Nano Zinc Powder

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Zinc powder is insoluble in water, soluble in acid and alkali, and slowly soluble in acetic acid and ammonia. It has strong reducing property and emits hydrogen with acid and alkali. Moistened by moisture, stable in dry air, and white basic carbonate formed in moist air to cover the surface.
Zinc powder burns a blue-green flame in the air to form zinc oxide. High purity reacts slowly with sulfuric acid and nitric acid, and accelerates when a small amount of other metals such as steel, tin, and lead are contained.
Dark gray powdered metal zinc, which can be used as a pigment and has a strong hiding power. It has good anti-rust and atmospheric corrosion resistance. Zinc powder is used as a pigment for paints and as a filler for rubber. The abbreviation for a dental filling material such as ointment, zinc paste or adhesive plaster, which is a clove oil zinc oxide cement.
In the chemical industry, zinc oxide is widely used as a catalyst and a desulfurizing agent, such as a catalyst for synthesizing methanol, and a desulfurizing agent for synthesizing ammonia; the surface activity of nano zinc oxide can improve the selectivity and catalytic efficiency of the catalyst, has a wide range of potential application markets.

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