Moly powder lubricants have always been highly regarded in industrial lubrication for their unique properties and wide applications. Moly powder lubricant is made by mixing metal powder with other additives. It effectively reduces friction and wear by forming a strong lubricating film on the friction surface. Moly powder lubricants have significant advantages in high-temperature stability, extreme pressure performance, and long service life. However, safety precautions should also be taken during use, and relevant regulations should be followed for storage and disposal.

(moly powder lubricant)

Characteristics of Moly Powder Lubricants

  1. High-temperature stability: Moly powder lubricant can maintain stable lubrication performance in high-temperature environments.
  2. Extreme pressure: It can prevent adhesion and wear under heavy or impact load conditions.
  3. Long lifespan: A longer service life reduces the hassle of frequent lubricant replacement.

The application areas of molybdenum powder lubricant

  1. Automotive industry: In the engine, transmission, and braking systems of automobiles, molybdenum powder lubricants can reduce friction and improve equipment durability.
  2. Aerospace: Moly powder lubricants can provide effective lubrication in various high-precision mechanical aircraft and spacecraft components under extreme temperature and pressure conditions.
  3. Industrial manufacturing: In industrial equipment such as machine tools, bearings, gears, chains, etc., molybdenum powder lubricants can significantly reduce wear and improve equipment efficiency and service life.
  4. Oil and natural gas: Moly powder lubricants can provide reliable lubrication in high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive environments in oil and natural gas industry equipment such as drilling equipment, pumps, and valves.
  5. Power industry: Moly powder lubricant can effectively dwindle friction and wear in bearings and gears of generators, turbines, and other power equipment.
  6. Military equipment: In military equipment such as tanks, warships, and artillery, moly powder lubricants can perform well in harsh environmental conditions.
(moly powder lubricant)

Safety precautions for using moly powder lubricant

  1. Avoid inhalation: During use, avoid inhaling dust generated by molybdenum powder lubricant and wear a mask and respirator.
  2. Skin contact: Avoid direct skin contact with molybdenum powder lubricant. If accidentally touched, rinse immediately with clean water.
  3. Storage: When storing, it should be stored in a dry, cool room, away from sources of fire and heat.
  4. Disposal: Waste molybdenum powder lubricants should be safely disposed of by relevant regulations to avoid environmental pollution.

Comparison between Moly Powder Lubricant and Traditional Lubricants or Greases

  1. Viscosity: Compared to traditional lubricants or greases, molybdenum powder lubricants have lower viscosity and are more likely to form a uniform lubricating film on the friction surface.
  2. Bearing capacity: Due to the addition of metal powder, moly powder lubricants have a stronger bearing capacity, especially suitable for heavy loads and high-impact loads.
  3. Corrosion resistance: Moly powder lubricant has strong corrosion resistance and can effectively resist the influence of various corrosive environments.
  4. Service life: Compared to traditional lubricants or greases, molybdenum powder lubricants have a longer service life, reducing the frequency of replacement and replenishment.
  5. Environmental adaptability: Moly powder lubricant can still perform well in rotten environments such as high temperature, high humidity, and corrosion.
(moly powder lubricant)


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